Cannot use iFrame

Hi, I have a trouble to see the iframe of my site in InfinityFree (Free plan with SSL active) in another external site -The iframe, from InfinityFree site, is not posisible to display, the screen remains blank- I have used in this external site, several iframe from other sites, and work fine. . My question is, if the InfinityFree Hosting Free plan, allow to embed iframe from InfinityFree site to other external sites ? Thank you for the help.


Please do not hijack others topics, or create multiple topics (spam) on your issue. Thanks

As for your problem, you cannot do that here, due to this system:


My apologies, I had trouble creating a new post, so I decided to put it in a pot of a related topic.I’m sorry for the inconvenient.

Someone had some similar situation with iframes ??. Thank you

Did you read @Greenreader9’s post? It says that everyone using iframes will have this issue:

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Weird, I thought an iframe is basically a mini browser. Does it not use a similar system as the browser?

It does, it is just that most browsers do not allow iFramed content to host cookies, and that is triggering the system.


Oh, right.


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