Aternos domain binding

I want to connect a domain I created here to a server I set up from aternos, but it didn’t work because I couldn’t do the NS part. I’m waiting for your help.

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“Created here” means what exactly? Do you mean free subdomain?
Free subdomains are exclusively for use on this hosting and you cannot move them elsewhere.

If you meant something else, please provide more information as well as the domain name


My main question is I have a domain and how can I configure the NS settings of this domain?

You have to do that with your domain registrar.
If I understand your question at all because I have a mix of words like “created here” , “Minecraft server”, etc.

If you want the domain to be hosted here, then the procedure is like this

in case of problems then like this


I’m very confused, is it possible to change DNS via infinityfree?

InfinityFree is not a domain name registrar but a hosting.


for example
Is there no way to change them or add a new one?

I’m really sorry, I’m asking because I don’t know :frowning:

Let’s start in some order

What is the name of the domain that you own?

What exactly do you want with that domain?
1 - have a website here (because IF is exclusively website hosting)
2 - or do you want to have an M. game?


First of all, my domain: ""

My goal is to use this space elsewhere.

I have another question. My domain address does not appear on the online page. I need to type the full URL directly. How can I do that? = free SUBdomain


thanks :slight_smile:

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I would be very happy if you answer my other question.

I’m trying - I have to understand the question first
what is “on the online page”?

and what exactly it means to you
“I need to type the full URL directly”


Let me give an example from a site, for example:
Instead of typing the address manually, I prefer to type infinityfree in the search field and click on the linker.

You have entered the site by typing in the search section, but I want to enter it by typing it into the search engine.

If I understand correctly, you are talking about your browser
and about whether to use the address bar at the same time as search and whether to remember PAST search results ?

ok then correction of the answer :smile:

Do you want your website to appear on Google?





you have a certificate, that’s good news, so it’s best to add the HTTPS version
and Google will appreciate it more than HTTP

For everything else, search this forum or Google

  • I’m going to sleep now, and you should too :smiley_cat:

Good luck with further work on the website