Is it possible to use a infinityfree domain as my minecraft server domain?

My minecraft server is privately hosted on my computer. Is it possible to use my infinity free domain as the domain to join my minecraft server and if so how do I do that?

Well, you’ll need a host which provides Minecraft or game server hosting for free. InfinityFree is only for hosting websites.


Hey thanks for your reply. Do you have any idea on how to do in on aternos

You can try to create cname record with but after that you’ll need to connect with domain:port since you cannot create srv record with free domain(read )

but please note that connecting gaming servers like minecraft might be violation of ToS since it usually generates too much traffic.

You can host your main website with InfinityFree, if that’s what you want, and have a subdomain pointed to Aternos, or if you want your domain to function as a Minecraft server only, you can follow Aternos’ tutorial:

Keep in mind that if you also want to host a site with InfinityFree, you’ll need to then set up Cloudflare:


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