Minecraft server subdomain redirect


This is the subdomain I want to use instead of Aternos’ default IP


Alteast with my eyes I cannot see any option to change the Infinity Free nameservers for the Aternos ones, I think it should be possible.


The current two nameservers I need on my subdomain are
– galileo,aternos,org
– columbus,aternos,org


Change the “,” with a “.” in the Nameservers tab. :smiley:

It cannot be done through InfinityFree’s default setup but it can be done if you use Cloudflare:

EDIT referring to Admin’s response below:
It totally skipped my mind that totalh.net was one of the offered free subdomains and thought it was your domain, you’ll need your own domain to do that.


Our free subdomains can only be used with our hosting, we don’t provide free (sub)domains for general usage.

This also means that it’s not possible to direct your free subdomain to different nameservers, or change which IPs is points to.


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