Active domains redirecting to / Login Issues

Active domains redirecting to / Login Issues

Since December 28, there have been issues with the core databases powering the free hosting platform.

Because of this, you may see certain issues, including:

  • Domain names on active accounts redirecting (intermittently) to
  • Domains showing “Temporary server error, check again soon”.
  • Login issues, notably “password too short” messages.
  • FTP and File Manager login issues.

iFastNet is currently scaling up database capacity to solve this issue, and implementing mitigations to reduce the immediate effects of this.

It’s unknown as to when the issue will be fixed, but it may take a few days.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience caused by this.

Please do not submit additional topics about this. Any additional topics created about this issue will be deleted to help keep the forum clean.

As soon as I know more, I will update this post.

UPDATE January 1: iFastNet has confirmed that the upgrade is complete and everything should be back up again.

Original Announcement (outdated)

Earlier today, an issue occurred in the iFastNet platform. Due to a database problem, many domain name changes were not being synchronized correctly across the platform. Because of this, domains which were newly added to accounts, or which were reactivated after suspension, were not set up correctly and redirect visitors to

This issue has been fixed already, but it takes a while for the databases to sync up again. Within the next few hours, all websites that were affected by this will come back online again.

UPDATE December 29: It appears that some websites are still down because of this issue. I’m currently waiting on iFastNet for more information.


I was one of those cases. From time to time I access the website and it redirects me to “”, and I try to make the servers consume as little as possible in loading my website. Thank you very much for letting me know! :smiley:


Yep it seems my reseller and all my sites send me to, even though that link is dangerous


Its wierd that all of my domains worked till now and about 5 minutes ago they started redirecting to I cant download the files for the domain sadly.

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Yes, my website also has been redirecting to suspendeddomain or which got me scared because I have just started my website and I thought that my website got suspended until I checked the forum!

Yes, I was also scared what happen to my site. I was redirected to but it didn’t show up in the accounts section, i was scared. i would have been crying if i didn’t visit the forum


I cant believe. my ad is published. can you please solve it soon. I am using your domains.

@Admin my website is back!

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mine aint back yet, a little sad. Mine is

My site is now back up and running:

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My website is frequently getting Suspended and coming back online. It happened 2 times in a few couples of hours. I have a website launching ceremony arranged tomorrow and I am scared that the same problem continues occurring tomorrow. @admin , please look into it and do the needful.

Just want to say this is not Admins issue, it is IFastnet… Admin cannot do anything about this


I really hope my website gets back to normal cuz I literally spent days of work on that website

hello my website is for covid 19 and you can text to him and after 3 days i got its not doing anything im waiting 2 hours but it doestn’t fixed. what to do my name servers are cloudflare need to change infinity free name servers? and how much time will take? :slightly_smiling_face:

Please sir

As I stated in the original message: it will take a few hours for everything to stabilize. Until then, you may see some odd behavior.

Please all have patience and check again tomorrow. There is nothing you have to do or can do right now.


my website is still being redirected is anyones back up?

how long ? it is redirected still

It’s still broken :frowning: