550 Can't create directory: Disk quota exceeded

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550 Can’t create directory: Disk quota exceeded

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We were trying to update wordpress and using Filezilla we were uploading the files, but we get this “550 Can’t create directory: Disk quota exceeded” error.

I’ve read this answer from you:

Your disk usage was restricted because file/media storage/sharing activity was detected on your account. Because of this, a disk usage quota was installed on your account. Please remove any file/media storing/sharing content from your account and don’t upload more content like that. That way, you’ll create space which you can use to upload normal website content.

But we do NOT have any “file/media storage/sharing activity” on our www.posidonia.ga
So we don’t understand why cannot update wordpress :frowning:

You also have an HTTP 500 error. You may want to fix that first.

that error is there because I deleted old wordpress directory in order to upload the updated one.
but I cannot upload since the [550 Can’t create directory: Disk quota exceeded] error :frowning:

More over our inodes are not over 30.000:

You need to reduce storage to below 5GB as your account is capped


I understand, but how could I safely remove files from Wordpress installation if I cannot use it since “550 Can’t create directory: Disk quota exceeded” ??? :frowning:

I could remove exceeding content from Wordpress articles only if I can use it!

Maybe I found a solution, I have to remove a backup folder that is quite big. Then I’ll check if the disk quota will fall back down 5Gb

It will take some time to sync in the vPanel, after removing the backup file.

btw KangJL where is written the 5GB limit for my account? Thanks.

@jaikrishna.t Thanks, I understand that, hopefully tomorrow I’ll try again.

It will be there.in the sidebar of vPanel.

What? The Limit? I don’t see it.
I read “unlimited”

I cannot understand the language used in your vPanel, perhaps show a pic of the English version?

Google translate?

Change the language while logging in

Or you can just manually translate one word. It says “Unlimited”. No need to translate it.

See this thread

especially this

Solved! :grinning:
After removing many useless old backups now my quota is small and I succeeded in updating Wordpress.

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Nice. This topic that Admin replied to explains a bit more:


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