Your Website Captcha is not working....... Please check!

Username: Ownflix

Your Website Captcha is not working. Please check and give me solution first!

I checked many times, the Cloudflare Captcha is working fine for almost everyone.

Please check your browser’s Console and Network tabs to see why the Cloudflare widget is not being loaded in successfully on your end. It may be caused by an ad blocker or virus scanner blocking access to it.


First of all thanks for your reply… I changed my browser and tried again… but same. Not working! How do I do it? Give me a valid suggestion! I’m waiting!

Did you check the console and/or network as Admin suggested?


Just to let you know, we just switched back to ReCaptcha. I’ve seen numerous complaints about the Cloudflare captcha not working for some people. I have not been able to reproduce any single one of the reported issues and highly doubt that they were caused by Cloudflare or by us, but for now it’s better to stick to a captcha solution that we know works for everyone.


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