Www Subdomain In Front of a Subdomain

Website: https://forum.skeletons.ml


I have one subdomain created for my main website (https://www.skeletons.ml). That subdomain is https://forum.skeletons.ml which has phpBB on it.

I was tinkering with the domain name in the search bar when I realized that… https://www.forum.skeletons.ml existed for some reason. Now, I find this odd because I do not recall adding a www subdomain in front of my forum subdomain, nor even the recollection of being able to do such an action.

If possible, I would like to remove it. Is it something that InfinityFree comes with? After all, I noticed that I could do this same action with subdomains provided by InfinityFree/epizy.com.

For example - and I’m just taking the link from a recent support thread posted - I can go to @VicNovo 's website http://mk-calculator.epizy.com, and add a www in front of the name. What that leads me to is the same website rather than a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error.

Other Information

I only have 2 CNAME Records, both of which were just the challenges for adding SSL to the domain name (one for the main domain, another for the forum).

Using Cloudflare might help.

You probably don’t want to remove the www subdomain completely, as it would confuse a decent amount of people (whether those people automatically type www in front of the domain, or their browse adds it). Instead, you should redirect the www subdomain to the domain you wish to use. Here’s a good article:



The www subdomain is automatically set up for all other domains you add, including subdomains of your own domain. Whether you want to use it is up to you. Some people like using the www subdomain (you’ll see it fairly regularly if you check the domains people link to in their forum topics), and for us, it’s easier to just set it up for everyone instead of making it configurable.

If you don’t want to use it, you can just forget it exists. Or you can use .htaccess rules to force redirect the www subdomain to the non-www domain.


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