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Hi, I’m Nico, french. I’m trying your services with the free hosting service.

I downloaded and Installed Wordpress, everything s fine.
I installed a plugin to get a free SSL certificate.
Now Wordpress asks me for a DNS Challenge. To do so, he needs me to record a DNS entry : acme-challenge AND acme challenge www
Where can I enter that record with a free account?
No problem on the full site demo but not so simple on the free part.
I absolutely didn’t understand how to get a free ssl cert. from infinityfree… not so clear for a french man…
My domain name comes from Gandi. I activated LiveDNS i don’t know how to link to it from CPanel…
Yes, I’m a newb
TY for helping

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To be honest here, NO wp plugins can give free ssl and install in WP.

If you really can’t understand the documentation, try this SSL certificate problem - #13 by anon67726452

Credit: @anon67726452


It seems that WP Encryption does.
he’s checking my identity before creatinfg the cert… No?

No and Never.
Best way to install a ssl certificate is just getting it from the client area and setting it up with cname records, there’s a documentation for it in knowledge base.


I ust follow the link soundar sent me.
i applied everything, now i’m waiting for the DNS to be updated (tomorrow, we’ll see)
I’ll keep you informed.

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