I created a new account and a new domain, because in the previous one I made a mess deleting some files, so I started from the beginning, I installed wordpress but when I log in it sends me to the domain page with advertising, I don’t understand why I can’t enter wordpress,something doesn’t work because there isn’t the standard theme page and I can’t get into wordpress even if it’s installed the site is: http://facileweb.42web.io

This is why:

To learn more, please click that “Learn more” link in the banner.


I’ll explain better with the images, the site seems active and WordPress installed as you can see from the images (ES1) but when I log in the page opens like this (ES2)

here is the first image

clear you dns cache.


hi, I transferred the site made with localwp to a hostig via filezilla but it doesn’t display very well in the end. proportion images etc. are missing, what exact procedure should be done? the various plugins are limited in megabytes and others are paid (I don’t want to pay) so I use filezilla. Do you know any other free alternatives? evidently some files are missing from my transfer, can you help me?

If you used paid plugins in a local install and don’t want to use them here, whatever those plugins did will be broken (Same goes for everything that is too big).

Make sure you’ve copied all the files and DB from the local install to IF, and change the DB login info and your siteURL.


Hi, there are no paid plugins, it’s a very simple site. Now I don’t know what’s happening but the home page has automatically become advertising, what’s happening? look at the photos when I log into wordpress

What files? Maybe due to this?

What is the website? I do not want to type manually


yesterday immediately after uploading the files with filezilla the site was visible (badly but it was visible) today suddenly the page with the advertising reappeared and it won’t let me log in to wordpress when I click log while yesterday it did
website : http://facileweb.42web.io/

No issue

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why does it appear like this to me?

Like it says in the banner on your I screenshotted:

Don’t see your website yet?
Please note it can take up to 72 hours for a new domain name or hosting account to start working everywhere.

Within the first 72 hours after your domain is setup, you may have trouble accessing it. Your account is less than 72 hours old and you have trouble accessing it. This is very well known behavior, and perfectly normal.

It’s DNS cache, which is just how the internet works. It will resolve itself automatically after some time, and it’s not something we have any control over.


why is it displayed like this? I can’t make any changes, what went wrong?

I merged your topics. Please don’t create multiple topics about the same issue, just because you don’t like the answer. If the answers given don’t work for you, please ask follow-up questions, don’t just repeat your original question over and over again hoping to get a better answer.

My first guess is that it went wrong the moment you installed Elementor, which is a very heavy and very bloated website builder that needs powerful hosting to run well.

Please consider using a different website builder that’s less resource intensive. The built-in Gutenberg editor is quite powerful nowadays.


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