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The question is regarding Ngac.ro

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Hi. For a verry verry beginner. Which are the steps for migrating the wordpress site from the actual host to InfinityFree? Maybe some print screens please. The actual host has also the option to use Spectaculous.

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Can you tell me plese, how can I check if the website use MySQL databasese? If it uses a MySQL database, can you tell me please, how to upload all my files to htdocs?
Can you tell me please, how to check if the website is PHP based?
Some printscreens please?
Now, the website is hosted to claus web RO. If I will give to an infinityfree employee my username and password from the actul hosting, can someone help with the migration? Thank you.

You said

So it’s based on PHP and MySQL.

The only staff is the Admin, I’m pretty confident that nobody here can handle all the migrations for you.

You have to find the correct entries in your old host’s control panel, and follow the guide both KangJL and me gave to you to complete the migration.


You can probably download the files of your website from your old hosting using an FTP client like FileZilla, and upload it to our hosting in a similar way.

Most hosting providers provide phpMyAdmin to manage the database. You can use phpMyAdmin to export the database from your old host, and import it here.

Finally, you may want to review this article from WordPress too on migrating a WordPress site:

I am technically able to do it, but I won’t. Please keep in mind that this is a free website hosting service. You’re already getting the hosting completely free, please understand that we cannot manage your website for you for free too.


Can anyone tell please if I have done all the right steps, in order for the website to work properly?

Because I am a new user, I am allowed to upload only one photo for each post. The next print screens, are attached to the next post.

Thank you.

Step 2.

Step 3

Step 4.

For SSl:
Step 1:

For SSL:
Step 2:

Can anyone please, if I have to do something else, in order, for the website to work properly?
Thank you.

Since your website is loading for me, I am assuming you did it correctly. However, you do have some missing image files, so I would make sure you get those uploaded.


I really appreciate your replay @Greenreader9
Unfortunately, for me it is showing like that:

Can you tell me please, how to find which images, are missing? On the phone it looks, everything all right. Is there any way for me to find which images are missing? Than you.

You have “testngac.rf.gd” in your URL bar, but that’s not the domain you shared with us:

What domain are you trying to use?


Ngac.ro is still on the other hosting, which I am going to change with infinityfree. I have posted all the steps I have done to move the site from the other hosting(ngac.ro) to infinityfree → testngac.rf.gd. After everything will work as it should on testngac.rf.gd, I will redirect the website testngac.rf.gd - infinityfree to the domain ngac.ro. Thank you.

If you are just going to redirect it, why are you trying to transfer the website?


@Mltxyz - I’ve updated your account here so you can continue to post.

Per the VirusTotal link, it is very very hard for a 3rd party website with no access to your code to determine if a website is breeched and the attackers don’t want you to know. Based on the fact that the vast majority of the ‘checks’ came back clear, and assuming you have not noticed anything off or different, or believe the hosting account was compromised in any way, you should be fine.

Loading the .rf.gd link, I see the welcome page as well. Can you screenshot the filemanager where you uploaded the files on IF?


Is this really all you did? Because you’re missing a few crucial steps.

Starting with the migration of your website files. You’ve migrated the database, but it doesn’t look like you have any code here that can use that database.

I would suggest to do this with FTP:

After moving the files over, you will also need to update the configuration file of WordPress to use the database you migrated over. You’ll need to update your database name, hostname, username and password in the wp-config.php file of your site.


I have followed all the steps from this clip:

Still when I access testngac.rf.gd : " Error establishing a database connection"
I have two questions please:

  1. In the MySQL database from the attached print screen, showd I add anything?
  2. Can anyone say what should I edit in the wp-config.php? I have attached my actual wp-config.php file. Thank you. I have modified ony $table_prefix = like it is explained in the clip.
    wp-config (2).php (3.1 KB)

Yes, you need to create a database. Then you need to import the database from your old host.

And you’ll need to edit the WP-config to adjust the domain name (if it’s changed), and the new username, password, host, and table name for the MySQL database.


Can anyone say, where should I look on infinityfree, for the new hostname, so I can change it in the wp-config.php ?

Can someone say please, how to change the table name for the MySQL database?

Did you even read the article that Admin shared?

The table name is whatever you set it to be, and the hostname is provided on the MySQL page in the client area.