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Someone Help,

I have been trying to upload downloaded wordpress to my website directory via File manager. After each successful upload, I see the file there uploaded. But, if I refresh or go to other place on the File manager, and return to the directory where I uploaded my wordpress, it would have disappeared. This happened three times now. I uploaded it inside htdocs directory, my domain name directory and the root directory. What is happeneing? Am I the one not getting the right place to upload it or the File Manage is the one creating this issue. If you have successfully uploaded wordpress zip before on infinityfree, please guide me on the right directory I should upload it.


You need to extract the WordPress zip file to your computer and upload the files inside the extracted folder with a FTP client to the htdocs folder, then create a database, and use database host and database name from there, along with the hosting account credentials you can find by logging into your Client Area, clicking on your hosting account, scrolling down to “Account Details” and clicking on “Show/Hide” to show the password, then go to http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin/install.php, where yourdomain.com can be replaced with your domain, and configure the language and the database by using the database details you found earlier. After that, set a website name, the admin user credentials and the email and click on Install. Or, even easier, use Softaculous Apps Installer to install WordPress instead if you don’t want to do that job to install it!


The file is probably getting deleted because it’s larger than the 10 MB file size limit. Instead, you can extract the file on your own computer and upload the extracted folder with FileZilla to your account.

And if that’s too much work, remember you can just use Softaculous to install WordPress too.


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