My admin word press of cPanel link is not opening

Dear Admin,

This is to inform you that After the installation of word press my admin word press of cPanel link is not opening, some time my wordpress admin cPanel showing that you entered wrong I’d and password, can you please guide me and resolve my issue, you can check in you history since I am facing this issue from couple of days but after long tries I found this address for the resolution.

My cPanel of Wordpress is not logging in after the Wordpress installation.

My username is : epiz_25568851

My Domain is :

My I’d is (mailto:[email protected])

Please resolve my issue as soon as possible or reset my password for the admin logon of cPanel or advised me my password.

Or please give me your email so that I can forward you all details there, please help me.



You know, email scraper will take your email and send you spam.

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For starters, please don’t hijack other people’s posts, even if they are about the same software.

Second, are you talking about our hosting control panel login or your WordPress admin login? You use both words in tandem while they are typically used to refer to different systems (with different credentials).

In general, you can find your hosting control panel login details in our client area at, and the WordPress login details are the credentials you entered when installing WordPress. If you forgot those, you can reset the credentials through phpMyAdmin:


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