Wordpress update problems


I have tried updating WordPress 2 times.

The second time I got this page:

and now I have got this:

What do I do? I go to the FTP and I do it by hand? But if the problem is updating WordPress, it doesn’t matter …

I am having problems that I have never had.

"Simply update WordPress to the latest version




But the latest version is not there. Will we have to wait?

For now I will use 5.4 while waiting for infinityfree to put 5.5 :slight_smile:


Yes, it takes a while for Softaculous to package new versions of software, and for our installation to fetch the latest software versions from Softaculous. The new version of WordPress should be thee within a week.

Alternatively, you can attempt to do a manual upgrade. The official WordPress support pages also provide instructions for a manual update:


I’ve upload wp-admin and wp-includes, both via file manager or via ftp upload. Via file manager can not extract zip file. And ftp upload i’m getting error and at last I’ve (unfortunely) remove my old wordpress and installing a fersh new one that still in 5.4 version.
So till this day we don’t have solving any problem about this matter.

Yep, that’s never going to work. Try extracting the zip file on your own computer and using the folder upload feature instead.

What error?

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It said “There has been a critical error on your website”…

And not just can’t update the core wordpress, it’s can not update woocommerce and replace the admin password from the wp-admin.

Maybe this article helps?

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I can’t do the update as well

Yes… at the end I upload via file manager for the plugin and not yet upload the core wp-admin and wp-include. Still uploading woocommerce.

the best practice is upload all updates folder via FTP. After update to 5.5, wordpress gonna be faster then before. And anything loading faster too.


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