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I set up my wordpress page very well, I do everything but it gives an update error when it comes to updating the page and article … I have been dealing with this problem for two months please help …

Pls read…

I have read and tried these articles but it did not help.
When I say update the robbery on the screen photo I have taken, it says that I am offline and gives an error.


Disable Automatic HTTPS Rewrites in CF


page fails when i disable it

Automatic HTTPS Rewrites is a crutch that should only be used as a last resort. Instead, you should configure your website as described in this article:

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All the problem has been resolved, thank you for your support. :grinning:
BUT I have a question, why does it fail before installing realy simple ssl plugin …?

I believe is due to mixed content issue.

Normally, WordPress checks whether the site is using https:// URLs by checking the HTTPS server variable, which is only set if the connection to the server is using HTTPS. If you use Flexible SSL, the connection to the server is HTTP, not HTTPS, so WordPress will try to redirect to HTTPS. Even if on the other side of Cloudflare (between your visitors and Cloudflare), HTTPS is already being used.

Really Simple SSL contains code to detect Cloudflare Flexible SSL and check if the visitor is already using HTTPS (Cloudflare sends this information to your website) and then won’t try to redirect people to HTTPS again.

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