Wordpress not show/display some images

Error Message

403 forbidden while the file exist

Some of my images are not display/shown while those images are exist on the server on the right path. The file permissions are set correctly (wp-content 755 include sub-folders).

I use Cloudflare but if i disable couldflare the problem still exist,

I tried to check your issue, but in doing so, I may have broken the database connection of your site. I synchronized the password from the client area to the hosting platform, and it seems to have overridden the previous password.

You can always view and modify the password of your account through the client area. Don’t ever change it outside of the client area, because many integrations will stop working. Also, the client area may push the locally stored password to your account at any time without warning, causing issues such as this.

As for the issue itself, I think it’s caused by your .htaccess rules.

In your .htaccess files, you have some .htaccess snippets that blocks access to all JPEG, PNG and GIF files unless the correct referrer URL is set (two times, actually, for some reason). The result of this is that direct access to the file does not work. Also, in the .htaccess code, you only allow access if the referrer is set to the http:// version of your site, so requests coming from the https:// version are blocked.

Please fix or remove those rules to make your images accessible.


Hello, thank you for the quick response, i made the changes that you proposed into my .htaccess file but the images still not loading, even if i delete the .htaccess file, images still not loading, please feel free to make any changes into .htaccess file to load the images, this website was moved from other server as is and it was warked well.

n .htaccess file the url should begin with http and not https because there is not an ssl certificate installed on origin server, i use cloudflare flexible ssl.

I just checked your site, and the logo now loads, both on the page itself and when trying to access it directly.

WordPress and Cloudflare Flexible SSL don’t work well together and tend to cause issues such as mixed content or redirect loops. I suggest enabling Full SSL instead:


Hello, i found the problem, it was the divi theme. Now i have other problem, i updated the wordpress to newer version, i got server time out and now the site is not working, i see a white screen of death.

Are you using caching software? You may have to clear the cache. You should also try to clear your browser cache and cookies.


That generally means that WordPress is configured to use a theme that is not installed. You should be able to access the /WP-admin page and adjust your theme settings.


Good morning, no, the theme is installed and i was not able to have access to wp-admin at all but i solve it via ftp. I want to ask you something else. Why some times, not often but is happening i get “error establishing a database connection”? this is not always but this error occur if i click on menus fast, it sounds like the database goes down for few seconds. How can we solve this? thank you.

For starters, “Error establishing a database connection” could be anything. Please enable WP_DEBUG mode to see the actual database error message:

I don’t think the database is going down, I think it’s more likely that you’re hitting the database connection limit.

But I don’t know anything for sure. If you want to know for sure, you’ll need to obtain the actual connection error message.


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