Wordpress No installations found!

epiz_32424902 (e.g. epiz_XXX) or nanoservicios.com

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wordpress No installations found !

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I was trying to migrate my website to another account, but I couldn’t. Therefore, now I am trying to return everything to normal with the previous account and it gives me a wordpress error. I’m afraid I’ve lost everything.

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Right, if you do not keep backup(s) you have indeed lost everything…


I checked the account epiz_32424902 but I see WordPress installations there in the files, which is good.

The domain nanoservicios.com is currently using Go Daddy nameservers and pointing to an IP address owned by Google.

So maybe fixing this is as simple as changing your domain’s nameservers to point the domain to our hosting again, and you’ll find your site as you left it.

Where do you see that error? It sounds like it’s from Softaculous. Just because an installation isn’t in Softaculous doesn’t mean it’s gone: Softaculous installation info can get lost or you can install WordPress without Softaculous in the first place.


thanks for answering!!. I already put the name servers back as they correspond. I think everything is back to “normal”. the error is now “This site can’t be reached”.

No issue



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