WordPress: "Missing a temporary folder"

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“Missing a temporary folder”

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Occurs whenever I try to upload media to my website, installing plugins, updating my website in customizer.
Has only started today. If it helps, I recently deleted a staging install of this website.


This started happening to me today too. I even made a new website under infinityfree but it has the same issue as well. I’m guessing it’s a infinityfree-wide issue.

Yeah. Unfortunate. I had just revamped my whole site, ahaha.

Try this @brianf @19birds1


I have tried this fix already. It did not work and caused my website to display a white page when I added the code to the wp-config file.

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I’ve done this, and checked the perms of the wp-content folder too. It unfortunately still doesn’t work


“Installation failed: Download failed. fopen(/tmp/wordpress-seo.21.5-bUzacQ.tmp): Failed to open stream: No such file or directory”

When I try to install any plugin

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Hey. I’m facing the same issue. Has it been fixed or did you find a solution?

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Read this;


Any idea when it will be fixed?

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Sorry i have no idea when will it be fixed, please be patient about it.


i can install plugin with this code on wp-config.php, paste this code at end of the file. but it can’t upload any media. no idea.

/** Absolute path to the WordPress directory. */
if ( ! defined( 'ABSPATH' ) ) {
	define( 'ABSPATH', __DIR__ . '/' );

define( 'WP_TEMP_DIR', ABSPATH . '/wp-content/temp/') ;

and then add folder in wp-content with name temp, change the permission folder to 755

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Please read this;


same here!
i tried everything but nothing is working.
i also deleted my whole website :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

You shouldn’t have done that; always check the forums to be sure whether it’s an issue with you or with the system.


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