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I want to know how can I use google drive as the Wordpress media library instead of the InfinityFree server as I want my users to upload documents and images or maybe simply images. [I don’t want to backup the files, instead I want to my files to automatically get uploaded to google drive as primary storage server and not to InfinityFree storage Server.]
If anyone know how to, please help me!

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Try uploading them to drive, and changing the sharing mode to “anyone with the link” and set the link as the source for your image

I can do it explicitly. But I want it to be done automatically. I want the files of my website’s account holders to directly get transferred to google drive and that automatically instead of InfinityFree’s Storage. I know it is possible but I just don’t know the way to do it.

I want the files to automatically get extracted from the drive and get loaded on my website when user needs it.


Yes, precisely. Can you guide me?

No, because I do not personally use GoogleAPI’s. I just know that they exist and that you can use them on all Google services.

Try looking on Youtube for a tutorial.

I already did but I didn’t get the content I want.
Anyways, Thanks for your time!
I hope I will find the solution to it soon.

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@anon77371365, I would appreciate your help.

Please help me. No pressure tho.

PS: Please recommend the alternative of postale.io. They have stopped free plans.

Tbh I have no idea on how to do that, might do a custom plugin or switch to S3, will talk tmrw,Good Night


IDK for the Google APIs but for the alt for Postale.io I have wrote a article that uses Yandex.


I created account but when I try to send email, it says that its spam and wont let me send email.
I can receive emails tho.
Any other source?


Yea. You’ve gotta wait for their spam system to know that you’re not a robot. Just wait 1-2 days then it’ll sort out. If it doesn’t email their support.


Anyone, please guide through the solution for this!

I’ve asked the WordPress community on Reddit. Waiting for a response. And did you get the email to work?



I didn’t get you clearly!

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