WordPress Error

I tried installing wordpress on my website (notbump.com) but its looks kinda weird.

Did i do something wrong? i never used WordPress so i have no idea :sweat_smile:

it’s probably mixed content judging by your screenshot

When HTTPS is used, all resources should be requested via the HTTPS protocol and not via HTTP.
Please use the plugin from the article (SSL Insecure Content Fixer)

I also see that Cloudflare is being used

now I see an almost empty dir. listing



no this doesn’t charge anything :sweat_smile:

as you can see 99% is HTTP and not HTTPS

try all 5 - in order from the article I mentioned

after each step, first review the page and look in the browser console also (F12 - dev tools)


I see you’re using Cloudflare and WordPress together. Those two don’t play well out of the box together due to how WordPress checks whether HTTPS is being used.

To fix that, you can do this:

Or you can do this:


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