WordPress Error

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It looks like the directory permissions are set to 000, so this means that anyone (including you) can’t read, write, or execute from the plugins folder. An easy fix is to reinstall Wordpress.

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reinstalling would mean I lose everything right?

Thats what I thought at first, but the “d--------” is not CHMOD (It only uses R W and E).

@Jaz_Sanchez, no, you can keep the database the same if you want. Can you CHMOD is FileZilla?

I don’t see the file mentioned in that video

Follow the video’s steps and screenshot the popup that appears at :27 in the video.


so it looks like this?

for me it is giving me xxx value

The permissions look correct. You may also want to tick “Recurse into subdirectories”.

what do you mean by d------?

what are the correct permissions and values?

Ignore that if you don’t know what is means.

Will it let you replace the “xxx” with 755 (The correct permissions for /wp-content/plugins)?


d specifies a directory in Linux permissions.

Currently, the pop-up specifies the correct permissions. Also click the “Recurse into subdirectories” Box then press OK.

I’ll try to do that, but I’ll wait for further instructions from admin until further notice

Let me know if it lets you save it. If it does, close out of the online file manager, clear your cache, and try opening the folder again to test it.

what option do I tick under recurse into subdirectories?

The default, “Apply to all files and directories”.

Then, if you click OK does it save?

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whenever I try to enable all permissions it changes the value from 755 to 777, should I be concerned about this? is there something wrong?

can you give me an screenshot of what permissions should be enable in plugin folder?

what do you mean by that?

Sure! The checkboxes should look like this:

The “Group - Execute” box is suppoes to be checked. Its the one that looks like its in the middle

Yes, you should be concerned about 777 permissions, setting it like such makes your site easily hackable. Instead of typing the number, try editing the checkboxes instead.