Wordpress error. "Updating failed. You are probably offline."

The WordPress add a new page is not getting saved, it keeps on showing the error, Updating failed. You are probably offline. But I am online and every other thing is working fine.

well something happens with ifastnet bone softaculous bone wordpress

Oh really but I have been facing the same problem for a week now. DO you have any update is the Softaculous is done since then. Specifically from 11 October 2020.

well there I don’t know I don’t use WordPress much.

Hello there,

I think this is an issue with WordPress’ new Gutenberg editor, try using the Classic editor and see if it helps.


I have tried to create a page and the open elementor to design it, it doesnot open,

did you just install it?

Seeing how you’re using both Cloudflare and WordPress, please make sure you’ve configured everything correctly as described in this guide:

Some people use Automatic HTTPS Rewrites to make Flexible SSL work, but Automatic HTTPS Rewrites has a tendency to cause weird errors like this, so it should be avoided whenever possible.

Also, I merged both your Elementor issues topics because I think the issues are both caused by this issue.


i have same issue here, elementor cannot edit

Thank you, Thank you, Admin. It solved the issue. Thanks a ton. You are a life saver. Thank you so much.

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