Wordpress cant edit pages (offline)


Updating failed. You are probably offline.

whenever i try to update a page/posts/ it wont let me. with classic editor it says that im offline and with other editor it just wont let me click on the text. Please fix this thanks. I tried everything that was on WPBEGINNER and te only solution left was to contact Hosting support.


If your website a live chat? If so, that’s violating the TOS. I think the fact that your domain includes the word “chat” is the cause here.

if i upgrade to premium then i can use my domain name peacefully? also i had this error in other WP sites as well

Premium hosting also has restrictions on live chat. Please ask them at support.ifastnet.com

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i will try that i think i have issues https and http…

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Seeing how you’re using both WordPress and Cloudflare, please note that Cloudflare uses “Flexible SSL” by default, and WordPress doesn’t work well with that out of the box. The “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” is a Cloudflare setting that people tend to use to try and work around, but that option tends to cause inexplicable errors like this.

So you need to disable Automatic HTTPS Rewrites and configure your website properly.

There are two ways to solve that:


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