Wordpress dashboard looks messed up

Website URL


Error Message

So my wordpress dashboard look like this, but the website page look normally, only dashboard
When i try on different account with different domain, the wordpress dashboard look normal
I dont know why

Use a pc/laptop.
Turn on developer tools.
What do you see?

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Honestly i only have android device, sorry :disappointed_relieved:

I try whith different browser, clear cache browser, but dashboard display still look like at the screenshot, my wordpress on different domain, its dashboard still normal

And this the display when i open mumimoi.eu.org/wp-admin without login to my wordpress account

I see this


Did you use the custom domain as a parked domain?

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Maybe no?

So, first, when i made new host account, i use subdomain from infinityfree, and then when i have done created that account, i add my custom domain to addon domains, when custom domain added, i remove subdomain infinityfree from addon domains

Is WordPress installed to this subdomain?

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Working fine for me!

Issue is with https redirection!!

Kindly force all traffic to https or change the WordPress url to https

Kindly try after clear the cache!

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I see you’re using Cloudflare. Cloudflare and WordPress don’t work well together out of the box.

To fix this, we recommend to first configure Cloudflare with Full SSL as described here: How to setup Full SSL with Cloudflare

After that, you can update your website URL in Cloudflare from http:// to https://, so your website always uses HTTPS.


After i changed wordpress url to https,

Okay i’ll try this


Thanks guys, thanks admin
It’s work after i changed to full ssl from flexible ssl on cloudflare, and i turn ‘always use https’ on cloudflare, and i changed my wordpress url to https.
Thanks guys :heart:

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And last i installed selfsigned certificates

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