Hey sorry but i’m new in wordpress and woocommerce i just have question about how to set up amount of product thank you

Please take a look and by reading this Woocommerce DOCS and for quick guidelines:


Could you plz send me the link or photo if it

I want something free😭

Yes, above is the official link for Woocommerce DOCS/tutorials.

What do you mean by ‘free’?

It is not for free i want some thing free or plugin

Woocommerce is totaly free, you can easily install it by using wordpress plugin installer or find it on your wordpress plugin dashboard.

I’m not using Woocommerce before so I suggested you to read the official docs for woocommerce above.

No i mean advanced quantity ptoduct

I don’t really know on what do you mean about free? I am sorry.

Please read the above woocommerce docs to know on how to add or edit the price of your products in your woocommerce website. Because that was your topic all about.

So the advabced product it is free in woocomerce

Nani? What do you mean?

Can you share us a some screenshot of the problem that you’re facing right now?

How to instal this plugin

So this is just the ‘what do you mean?’ A paid plugin for woocommerce.

Unfortunately, the plugin is paid and we can’t provide you a free. But I just searched on internet about it and I found (maybe) an alternative for the plugin for FREE!

Simply download it and upload the .zip plugin file on wordpress plugin dashboard or search for it in the wordpress plugin dashboard.


Guide for this plugin:
WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels - WooCommerce

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So with this plugin can i add amount of product like people can buy my product above 3

@katufo, FYI it’s a paid premium plugin. @Loloqween, Infinityfree is a hosting provider not a free plugin giver.

I’ve already said to him/her that its a paid plugin and we don’t offer him/her a free for it. So I give him/her an alternative plugin for it that can he/she use it for free.

Fo you know what i mean i want set up my woocommerce to sell like any woocommerce store i want sell 1 items i can’t change this look

the amount of product it is 3 i want to make it 1 how?

Can i do it in wordpress or woocommerce without any plugin?

Install the usual Woocommerce plugin. I used it today!