Yes, ofcourse, just follow the above first link that I’ve provided to you.

But @Loloqween, I really don’t recommend Woocommerce as it uses too much CPU and your site will easily become suspended.

But this plugin isn’t for free right?

So what to you sir

I didn’t understand what you said? Are you asking another alternative?

You said that woocommerce it will get soo cpu So what to do

Woocommerce is 100% totally FREE! Just follow the guide within this guide link

I suggest using another lightweight plugin but it depends what your site if going to be used for. What are you planning to use your site for @Loloqween ?

If it’s a download site, then use the ‘Easy Digital Downloads’ plugin. But you will have to use it with Mediafire or something similar since InfinityFree doesn’t allow file storing.

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