Will presented ssl certificate be renewed automatically after the end of its validation date?

Will presented ssl certificate be renewed automatically after the end of its validation date?
Thank you in advance.

No, there is no automatic renewal of SSL certificates. If your current SSL certificate is about to expire, you can request a new SSL certificate from the client area and install it to your hosting account.

From a purely technical perspective, there is no such thing as “renewing” an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate has a start date and an end date. This information is baked right into the certificate. So if you want a certificate with a different end date, your only option is to generate a new certificate with the updated dates. And since it’s a new certificate, you’ll need to install it separately.


@Parsserv I received an email 30 days prior to the certificate expiring (I chose that option when I installed it)

I renewed/installed it early because I wasn’t sure how that renewal process worked and how long it would take. Because I didn’t wait until it was closer to expiring I had two valid SSL certificates for several weeks until the initial certificate expired. You might wait until closer to the expiration date because the new one sets the 90 day clock immediately when it’s installed.

Here’s the thread when I did that Renewing expired free SSL certificate

As @Admin said there is no ‘renewal’ you are essentially installing a new certificate. The fact I had two active, valid SSL certificates didn’t affect anything, when the first one expired it just disappeared off the SSL certificates screen in the client area.


Let’s Encrypt recommends to try to get a new SSL certificate 30 days before the expiration. That way, if there are any problems with the domain name, the validation, the Let’s Encrypt tooling or anything else, you still have plenty of time to fix it.

If you’ve enabled notifications, we will send multiple warnings: 30 days before expiration, 7 days before expiration, and when the certificate actually expires. It’s up to you to decide when you actually want to renew the certificate.


I sincerely appreciate your help.

I sincerely appreciate your help Steve. It is exactly what I needed.

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