Username epiz_24411788

pvc.epizy.com (formerly with pixelvideocreations.ga)

I have had InfinityFree in the past, but all 3 of my sites kept being suspended. I’ve been trying for a very long time to get a hold of CS, but they never responded. They just kept suspending and unsuspending my account. It was getting annoying, so I switched hosts, and now I’d like to give InfinityFree another chance because there are now more features. But I am worried the site will be suspended again. They never gave me a reason. I now run a tech blog and I want to give InfinityFree a review but I’m not sure if they’ve upgraded their algorithm or just changed something.

Edit: InfinityFree was an aff. of IFastNet, which other affiliates I’ve tried were suspending me too. I tried freehosting.io and others.

Why are they being suspended?

No clue @anon19508339. Staff never gave a reason. I contacted about 15 times last year, mainly in October.

Abuse? reaching limits? which one is the reason??

No clue. Just kept redirecting.

Cannot you see the reason from client area??


What I see

What do you mean? If you cannot make sence of a thing, we can. You can see the reason on clientarea if it’s suspended.

but it’s reactivated?

not anything inside support tickets?

@anon19508339 Do you know anything about this at all?

  1. your site content violates ToS.
  2. there are some content that triggers abuse detector filters
  3. If it’s a site that overloads site, that can also do it.

Because I asked you multiple questions doesn’t mean i just confuse you. I wanted to know about it more, since you didn’t point to the issue clearly.


What content? The only stuff on it was about, social media links and images…


Sorry but you can’t mention him either private message him >-< Your website pvc.epizy.com seems work fine on me.


How did it suddenly turn back online? It was white for a very long time…

What do you mean? you can’t host here a streaming site.

No, as in links to my YouTube.

Clear your browser caches to see the updated view of your website:

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I checked epiz_24411788, and it only was suspended twice half a year ago. The account hasn’t been suspended recently.

Did you use a free proxy or VPN by any chance while using our service? If so, that may be the cause for some of the red flags.