Why not showing my website name on google search result , showing your hosting provider name..?

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Someone else had the same problem, and @Ziverre gave the solution:

To get a free domain:


It showing Hosting provider name, "INFINITY FREE "
Please provide some solution

There is no solution unless you buy your own domain name. Google decides what text to put there, and they put information related to the base domain there. As you have a free subdomain that belongs to InfinityFree, InfinityFree is put in that location.

If you want to customize it, you need control over the root domain, which you would have to buy yourself.


It Not showing my WBSITE NAME…

Can you read? We already provided the reason and solution.


Where.? provide the link please.

Ok, then INFINITY FREE web hosting is for creating / building EXPERIMENT and TRIAL wbsite ONLY not for CREATING PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE

Every hosting provider is the same, just with different features and limits, but at the end its just a hosting, with the ability to host your own and publish to the internet.

In this case, a website hosting provider just gives you the space to host your own website. Even you switch to another host, your problem may not be solved if you use their free subdomain.

I hope that you have read what he said, you need your own Custom Domain.
Free subdomains will not help in this situation

So if you get your own domain the problem will be solved.

We are just trying to help you, and you are just yelling rudely, AND FIX YOUR ENGLISH.


Remember that you are paying nothing, maintaing free hosting servers requires money which you pay by having limited features.

If you are concerned about being professional then relying on free subdomains isn’t that professional either :+1:

That is barely the problem, not everyone is a native English speaker or has been learning it for a long time (although OP seems to behave like a typical early teenager)


Thanks for your valuable info. If now I want to REDIRECT or MIGRATE ( I don`t know what to do ) my SUBDOMAIN website to CUSTOM DOMAIN ( exact website ) in INFINITY FREE, how can I be able to make it impossible… Is there any solution…?

Migrating is easy. There are two options you can use:

  1. You can set your custom domain as a Parked Domain so it displays the same contents as your subdomain. For more info, please read:
  1. You can follow the migration guide (which is written for migrating from another host, but can apply in migrating between accounts or even websites in the same account):

If you add the custom domain as an Addon Domain in the same account, you can skip the first 3 steps related to databases, as all databases on an account can be used by all sites on it, so a transfer is not needed.

Redirecting is also easy, you can set up a .htaccess redirect to redirect from your subdomain to your custom domain after you’ve migrated everything to it. There are multiple tutorials on the web on how to do that, like this one:


Thanks for your valuable info. As I am new to creating a website, (I have never before) and not a native English Speaker, I got what the valuable info. you provided. But I think I am not very clear by reading this article. if it would be a YOUTUBE tutorial, I may have got it properly. But THANKS again for your valuable info.

I think MIGRATION will be difficult for me Parked Domain process will be easy. But I have some doubts.

From all the above processes:-

  1. Which process Will show my WEBSITE NAME on GOOGLE SEARCH RESULT instead of SHOWING INFINITY FREE name as my website name…? and only show the NEW CUSTOM DOMAIN name and URL for my blog post, page etc. instead of OLD SUBDOMAIN and it`s URL as my BLOG POST, PAGE etc URL. Also, it will keep showing my all previous post, pages etc. on the NEW CUSTOM DOMAIN WEBSITE as it is before…it was showing…


Neither Addon nor Parked domain will, you will easier time with parked domain when it comes to setting up your website though.


lmfao but thats not the case for me I wonder why :thinking:

What about MIGRATION ?? Will it solve the problem…??

I didn`t get it, what is not the case…??

becuz on my search it shows my website name even tho its a sub-domain.
but I must admit I did have the same as him, I just synced my website to google smh.

here example .

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Great, how did you able to do it??
Can I able to do the same??
Although my subdomain is like example.great-site.net