Why not add Node.js?

Honestly, PHP is great, but it doesn’t have all. Nodejs is good too, as it allows faster execution time, multithreading, and runtime checks. Nodejs alongside with PHP would be great. I have to ask the question why not add Nodejs? I don’t think it would be a loss, in fact it would offer a great deal of extra people here! Nodejs would make infinityfree richer in appeal, and it would generate revenue for ifast too (I bet) because more people would join here. Of course, the cost of installing and running nodejs on the servers might be a lot, but I wouldn’t know (since I don’t provide web hosting). However, I don’t think it would be too costly, as Nodejs is free and wouldn’t really be too invasive memory-wise. Still, I believe it is a good suggestion, and I stand by it.


Admin has already explained why it cannot be added:


Yes, I’m saying nodejs only as an addition. Yes, maintaining and installing (and running, however since it’s faster I don’t know how much more memory it will take compared to PHP, although there are also packages which can take up a lot of memory) of adding a software language is time consuming and costly, but I think it would be worth it.

Of course adding NodeJS support is not a loss. Adding features is never directly a loss. Everyone wants more features. Some features you don’t need so you don’t use them, others are useful to you.

But adding features takes development capacity, and that’s very much a finite resource.

I explained why this is not the case before:

Sure. Just don’t expect it to be here any time soon.


so many people say PHP sucks. I stand by the fact that it is amazing! I still want Nodejs (although ironically I don’t want to stop using PHP and start using another backend) to be added here, but yeah. Plus premium has it, and if I upgrade to the lowest price it’s only about $80 a year, which is reasonable considering I’m a 15 year old newbie in web development.

For Node.js I see some other free alternatives,


and some more.

Can you give it a shot?


you can install node.js on your pc too.


Yes. Problem is that I don’t have a PC. I use school chromebook, and my parents keep denying me a PC, so can’t really do web development in full. That’s why I use infinityfree, since I don’t wanna waste money on a web hosting site until I get the skills I need.

Heroku is a good choice


Yeah, but I have another hosting service I use (repl.it). they also allow for other languages to be run, like C++, C, C# (and that’s just the C family).

I’ve used both hosting services and since we’re talking about node.js, my answer is:

In replit your source code is not hidden and you need uptimerobot but Heroku is much better.

Guess I am the only guy having hacker plan here.

Umm, thank you for quoting my answer?


You’ll find their are many free VPS services; Like Free Linux Virtual Machines | abstultus.com

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Wait what?

How the heck?

If you know the right places :joy: But https://abstultus.com/ is good. No external IP address but SSH & VNC.

Elaborate them?

So that others can also be benefitted?
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DISCLAIMER: Some of these are free trials, and some are the most sketchiest websites I have ever seen, I disclaim all responsibility of any loss of data by using the below services

(I myself am in the working of a free docker service, basically a VPS)


Remove that, it’s fake. Checked it myself a few months ago.

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