Why not add Node.js?

I mean the hosting service is fine, but it isn’t free. You get the automated email after signing up, but nothing else.
It may have changed since I last checked it, so I’ll check again.

Takes too long to respond when loading the VNC.

Ẁorks fine for me. Must be a slow connection on your side. Note this is common with VNC, as it can take a large overhead. Including the fact it’s through apache Guacamole

Are you using server or desktop OS?

I dun see VNC option

I’ll assume the servers don’t include VNC. for hopefully obvious reasons.


Lemme draw a diagram:

You ->  Guacamole Client -> VPS
VPS -> Guacamole Client -> You

As you see, there are 2 points of entry at each trip (1st trip is making movement, 2nd is receiving graphics), The 2 places for slowness (well technically 3) are Your connection to the Guacamole client (and/or it’s proxy) and the Guacamole client to the VPS.

I have done a speed test and the VPS’ connection is gigabit+, Hence meaning there is only 2 places for slowness, the proxy or your connection, considering the proxy takes most the load, it would most likely be your internet in the end.

Lecture over.