Why my files in file manager is deleted


Error Message

Today, I entry file manager, but everything has gone. And my website is still online. What should I do to get back my files and why this situation happened?

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Same is happening to me.

Posted about an hour ago. I’m waiting response.

I saw your post mins ago…hope to fix this issue…

Can you let me know how you accesed the file manager?

same as epiz_26850793 , via Filezilla or online file manager

Maybe you can check out this thread. I have no clue what happened.


I can access my files that way…

However the root of my FTP user is still empty…

Mine’s empty too! Please fix this! I can’t even access it via FTP!!

when I accesed the file manager through [lostfiles] this button and upload any file I got fail like the following pic

Me too, however Filezilla seems to work…

You have to connect to the folder directly…
I’m using this as a workaround


WooooW!!! thank you! :slight_smile: I think its a workaround… if this issue wont be fixed… Then, I found that we use same domain “epizy”…maybe the person who use epizy domain got this situation too…

You’re welcome, i’m also hoping this is only a temporary fix.

Hoping the support team can figure this out soon… :slight_smile:

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I can’t access my files too. When I click the “Files” button in my account, it works too.
But I want to edit .htaccess file, how can I do that?
My account: epiz_29058362

Can you please tell me your server ip and Hosting Volume name?

Hosting volume: vol1_1
Website: https://contactbook.great-site.net
IP Address:

Same Happen to me. my file manager is doesn.t show any directires but website is working

Thank you for your responses.

Please do not create duplicate topics about “File manager / FileZillla Showing empty root directory”.

if your IP Address or Hosting Volume name is not included in previous responses then please include it.

Hopefully admin will start investigation asap

Same with me epiz_24067789 for two domains.

I was facing the same issue, but rather then clicking the File Manager Button (circled in blue) I clicked the File Button (circled in green). It worked for me.

1 Like vol19_1 can’t open file manager, ftp root is empty and can’t upload/save/delete file using ftp, but can upload empty folders

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