Why is the email not going from my site?

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


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Why is the email not going from my site ?

Other Information

I see this

Free hosting does not provide email services

Thankyou So Much. I will Upgrade it.

How I can Upgrade it ?

if you mean this form here

then maybe this will help you (read the related part for WordPress)


Receive (it depends on a lot of things)

Of course, you didn’t specify who is your email provider or other information so that we can give you an answer.


Email Provider - Gmail

Then try to install the WP plugin mentioned in the article if your problem is sending emails via the form from my screenshot.


Yes Sir. I tried.

Here is a Error




Already Done this

Ah Okay I will switch the mode from testing to production. I forgot it

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apart from that, I have nothing else to say
maybe someone else will be smarter or there will be a user who uses it and will help you
good luck and I hope it works (wait a while)


Thankyou Very Much Sir

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Just in case, read this (although I don’t know if it plays a role in your case)


if it doesn’t work, you can discard everything and let’s say use Cloudflare

Why CF = so that you configure everything necessary for the security of that email via Cloudflare DNS

You own a domain, so you can also have an official business email ([email protected])

and use the ZOHO free version
you can find this further down on their website

but then you won’t have that contact form on your WP

instead, you can simply specify the email at which someone will contact you

it is often and better, especially with mobile devices, and it is easier for users to write an email, insert images and so on, because they use their email client that they are used to… instead of using the small form on your page.

Zoho free version does not support IMAP/SMTP
but you can download their email client for windows, etc. or for android or IOS (apk)
and read and send emails from there


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