Why is my website suspended?

Why is my website suspended ?

See your client area. Account suspensions are not handled by this forum.


I found a topic says data corruption my files are missing I can login to ftp but the files are missing totally

So… what’s your question? And how is it related to your account suspension?


Seems the files are missing hmm When is this going to be fixed?

What does it say in the topic?


Here is the topic

[Website files missing on vol1_7, vol1_8 and vol2_8 - System Issues - InfinityFree

He knows what the topic is, because he created the topic. He’s asking you what the topic says because he has answered that question already.


I read its an outage and not sure when its going to be fixed

The outage itself was over quickly, but the remnants of it was what caused data loss.


I thought my website has been suspended but now I know its data loss I backed up my website

It’s not impossible that your website has been suspended and affected by the outage that caused data loss.


Just because your website is not working does not mean it’s suspended. If your account is suspended, it will clearly say so in the client area. Even if you think it’s suspended, if your account is not specifically listed as being suspended, it usually means that it’s something else.


Thanks Admin Owner , it is working now just need new ssl certificate to be ready :slight_smile:
Its sad that this host had data corruption and lost data, good thing I backed up my website

My old link for some reason wouldn’t work so I had to change it so I’m waiting again for URL to appear on google I’m using this host

Hey people website link updated it, its on google again, I’m glad I backed up my website, Its sad there was data corruption and data loss, but my account is fixed now Thanks Admin-Owner

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