Why is my website getting suspended?

When I am hosting my website, I have it use a sub domain, then I take the ipv4 of the website and link it in cloud flare using the method shown in that one popular tutorial with using root and ipv4. But, once I try and visit the website through cloudflare, or normal subdomain, I get taken to suspendeddomain.com or something like that and this has been a ongoing issue.

Because you say you are using CloudFlare, you could have misconfigured the DNS settings which would cause the domain to redirect to suspendeddomain.org.

If you account really was suspended, you would have received an email about it and the Client Area would say so as well.

It would be helpful if you provided a website url or account number.

Could you please fill out the template next time so we can help you to the fullest the first time? Thanks.

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The cloudlfare one is
And the one provided is

Your account is not suspended, so you must have a misconfiguration in your CloudFlare DNS settings. Do you mind sharing a screenshot of them please?

Also, I recommend you follow the article I linked below as it outlines the correct way to set up CloudFlare and even provides some troubleshooting tips in case it doesn’t work.


I followed that tutorial and here is the image (on my phone because I am somewhere atm)

Are the websites on different accounts? I ask this because the configuration looks correct. Have you added the domain to your hosting account?

I have it added on cloudflare, the only domain on infinity free is http://marionodes.epizy.com/

Also regarding this I can’t add it on infinity free because the nameservers point to cloudlfare and wouldn’t it break if I pointed to infinity free nameservers

There’s your problem. You had a domain pointed here without it being assigned to a hosting account, so of course it will redirect to suspended.

To fix this, you’ll have to set the nameservers (at Freenom) to ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com, wait for DNS propagation (which can take up to 72 hours), add the domain to your Hosting Account via cPanel Addon/Parked domains, switch nameservers back to CloudFlare ones, and then you should be fine.


Thank you!
This worked, but one question, how can I make it so my normal htdocs folder works with the domain instead of a separate one it made

You can create a new hosting account.

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If you want your Freenom domain and your free subdomain to use the same folder, you can add the Freenom domain to your account as a Parked Domain / Alias. The Addon Domains option is only if you want a different site on the domain.

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Alright thanks!

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