Why I can’t upload the .dat file

tell me why I can’t upload the .dat file to the horsting server? SxGeoCity.dat

Hi and welcome to the forum! Maybe you’re limited by the file size limit, which is explained here:


file 13mb…


Well then, as mentioned in the article:

You can’t upload a 13MB file here. See if there’s a way to split it, otherwise you’ll need to use a file sharing service.


ех спасибо…

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а может както для одного файла можно сделать исключения он 40 мб весит, не знаю как его разделить…

Please note that this is an English-speaking forum, and so you can’t suddenly switch back languages to Russian. You MUST speak in English or at least translate what you wrote before. Since you didn’t do that on the last two messages, I’m gonna translate it for you:

Well, we can’t make exceptions for a special type of file. The limits are the same and can’t be changed. If it’s a file you need visitors to download, maybe it’s better to use a file sharing service like MediaFire or Google Drive to serve it, as free hosting can’t be used for file sharing.


извиняюсь, забыл перевести, т.е. я могу этот файл кудато перенести, что бы он мог воспроизводиться на сайте?

I’m sorry, I forgot to translate, i.e. Can I transfer this file somewhere so that it can be played on the site?

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Thanks, I figured that out too.

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