Why can i not add my domain e-z.zip?

Website URL


Error Message

The selected domain is already in use and cannot be added to an account.

Other Information

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The API is having issues, please wait for it to be resolved, and try to add the domain again


except for the above take care of this too


If your account’s username starts with epiz_, you should use epizy.com nameservers, if the username starts with if0_, you should use infinityfree.com nameservers.

So, if you are a new user, then use the NS listed here


Okay ill try. ty.

Btw. how do you lookup the ns like this? is this a website or a terminal cmd?


You can use tools like the domain checker you can find in the Client Area, Google’s Dig tool, Dig web interface (this one with the “Trace” option on) or, if you want to download a software on your computer, BIND9 provides its DNS tools separately as well, which also include the dig command, but I need to know which OS/distro you’re running so I can provide you with an option to install them. I personally use dig because I’m used to work with a terminal, but those web tools are useful as well, while @Oxy always uses Dig web interface.


it still saying The selected domain is already in use and cannot be added to an account. How long do i have to wait?

thank you

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This is a to be solved issue as the reseller apis are broken.
There’re already a lot of topics discussing this, like

You can try again every three hours.


Also note that many people and organizations have blocked the zip TLD because of how frequently it is being used maliciously. I, personally, am one of those people who have blocked it. Just thought I’d note that here.


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