Where do I set DNS records?

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cjppa org

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No Error

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Where/how do I set DNS entries? I changed the NS servers on our domain to ns1 epizy com and ns2 epizy com, but how do I re-create our various A, and TXT records? I’ve found MX and CNAME records…

Now that our site is ‘active’ can I move the name servers back to the proper ones? If so, what entries are needed for the site? CNAME or A? Destination?

Does your domain use InfinityFree nameservers? If you are using third party nameservers, like Cloudflare, you must configure your MX records through the DNS management area of your DNS provider.

Maybe I can, but not sure what to use for the main entries.


Free hosting does not allow you to setup A records. Since you have a custom domain, you can setup Cloudflare using the guide below to gain full access to your DNS zone.


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