Where do I get free domains?

dot.tk and freenom is not an option, They don’t let me do anymore…

You can try using EU.org or PP.UA (the latter one if you have a credit card even with a few cents on it and a phone number to use for verification, though the credit card is used only once for verification and then what’s free will remain free) as a valid alternative to Freenom (and Dot TK because Dot TK and Freenom are the same) that also supports Cloudflare and other things that Freenom with its domains supported.


You can’t get free TLD.

I recommend registering at https://nic.eu.org if you dont mind having a .eu.org on your domain name, free for life !

my https://lovebyte.eu.org was registered 1.5 years ago and i have had no issues at all

a friend of mine has a name registered around 10 years now and again no issues at all

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the only downside is that registration time can vary, sometimes just a few days to go through, sometimes a few weeks or if youre unlucky (like me) it might take a few months but getting a free domain for life was well worth the waiting time :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


in fact, there is also another site that offers free domains (for 1 year), https://www.registrer.it with extensions .site, .eu, .store, .it; I think there are other extensions. maybe, hopefully, they can be renewed with the same account.

Welcome back to the forum! First of all, it is Register.it; second, it’s only free for a year and for anyone other than the .it (which can’t be hosted on free hosting because of the Registry’s DNS restrictions) it’s only one per user; third, I couldn’t really recommend it for anything other than a year registrations, because the renewal prices are the most expensive ones out of the bunch, and fourth, it also requires a credit card.


How much are the transfer fees, if you know? I was able to find how much it costs to transfer a domain to them, but not how much to transfer it from them to another registrar.

I was wondering if using the one year offer and then transferring to another registrar with a cheaper renewal would be worth it, price-wise.


It depends from domain to domain and from registrar to registrar. You can check the costs by going to the other registrar’s website.


I mean, does Register.it also charge you something for the transfer? (I am unsure if they are obligated to provide you the transfer code for free)


I don’t think so; like every other ICANN-accredited registrar, you have to wait 2/3 months for you to transfer the domain to another registrar. They provide the transfer code in case you want to do so.


Generally, you only ever need to pay to transfer a domain in, not out. I’ve never had to pay any fee for an outbound transfer. The worst I’ve dealt with is one company where you had to call support first and talk to them and say no to all their retention offers to get the transfer lock removed.

I would assume (but don’t know, don’t quote me on this) that ICANN doesn’t want registrars and registries to hold the domains of their customers hostage and ransom the control of their own domains from them. So I would guess they outright forbid domain sellers to charge outbound transfer fees.

So any losses they take on discounted domain names will have to be covered by the renewal fees and any additional services they can sell you.


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