Where are the databases?

Hi all.

I have 5 domains in my account, but I can’t find their databases.

Am I looking in the wrong place?

EDIT: I had a look at this section, but could not find the answer.

Thank you.

Are your websites using databases?
If not, this is normal

Or you can try this


I didn’t think I was using databases, but according to ChatGPT: " You cannot simply upload files for the database tables (wp_posts, wp_postmeta, wp_options, wp_users, wp_usermeta) to make your pages appear. These tables are part of the WordPress database, and the content within them needs to be managed via a database management tool like phpMyAdmin."

I am testing and learning how to migrate my website to a different host. I downloaded the “htdocs” folder and uploaded the “wp-content” folder to the new host, but none of my created pages show up. And AI seems to tihnk those pages aren’t inside the wp-confent folder, but inside a database.

So I am trying to find the database to upload to the new host.

EDIT: And according to your link:
“To fix this, you can simply go into the MySQL Databases menu and create the database with the same name as the database created through phpMyAdmin”.

I don’t know what names the databases were created in. And I can’t find the phpMyAdmin button or link.

EDIT #2. I used the All-In-One WP Migration plugin, which created a 200mb file, but I was unable to download the file due to the 10mb download limit for free accounts.

Plugins do not work well on free hosting
This is preferred instead

Since you did not backup the database, of course it will not show up


Thanks for your reply. :+1:

All sorted.
I used Filezilla to find the export file the Migration plugin created and downloaded the file with no issues.

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