When will i get PHP8

Hello my Website needs php 8 and it is really stupid that php 8 isnt supported yet

The process of upgrading all servers to PHP 8 is still ongoing. Some of the servers are already PHP 8 but there are some troublesome extension waiting to be fixed and is now missing. See this official topic for more info:

If you really, really need PHP 8 right now, then please consider upgrading to premium hosting which supports PHP version up to 8.2.


Hello @Frank419 maybe its my fault i forgot upload all the Vendor Files for the Website maybe PHP8 is already active but still thanks for you response


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There are a few servers that already have PHP 8.1, but some PHP extensions are missing from it. If your account happens to be created on one of those servers, and you don’t need any of the missing PHP extensions, then I guess you’re lucky!


Hello Administrator thanks for your reply i am currently uploading the Files of the System Vendor and hope to see PHP8 but if not i will just wait thanks for your fast response!

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