ph7Builder Issue

Hello support
Just tryed to install ph7Builder with softaculous but it claims for php 8 and wont install now.
Why you have installation package which is not supported for your servers?
If you have even generated softaculous package of ph7Builder which requires php8 why didn’t you make it ‘visible’ only to servers which have that minimum version of php required by that package?
Any estimation when is that ph7Builder installation ready to be used?
Thanx Jonne

You may be still able to use ph7Builder on Free Hosting by using an older version of it


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Well, you can read this thread


Because the installation packages are provided by Softaculous, not by us. We don’t really have the means to build own own auto installer and package and test hundreds of scripts for our hosting. So we just use the Softaculous installer along with the software catalog from Softaculous without testing every version of every script ourselves.

We make no guarantees that the software in Softaculous is any good.

I did actually test a number of different scripts just now, mostly in the CMS category, and about half of them require PHP 8.1 or higher. I do regret that the PHP 8 upgrade is taking so long, because this stresses how urgently it’s needed. But I don’t think that testing hundreds of applications and disabling half of all the scripts in there is what’s needed most right now.

You can use the latest version once PHP 8.1 is released. Nobody here knows when that will be.


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