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Why is this showing up instead of the website?


My site was created yesterday and it was working, I only updated one file (which is not the index, i.e. I would not change anything on the main site).

It’s fine for me:

Try clearing your dns cache, using a vpn, a different device, and/or different network (like cellular).

Then You must have seen the banner that says it may take 72 hours for your domain to work everywhere.


Yes, but it was working until I updated the file in question.

Your device may have switched dns servers.

Try using CloudFlare dns:


this is what i see:

This topic might help you.

@editor That topic has nothing to do with the OP’s problem. That is why I linked this:

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GREAT!! A single solution that worked on all others (flushdns, manual dns, DNS resolver).



I’ve flushed my dns/cleared cache/cookies every day since creating my account a week ago. Some days/devices it works, some days/devices it doesn’t. Expecting people to switch DNS server to load a website is asinine.

Hello there @WHGL_Admin

This issue is not with InfinityFree, but with your domain provider and your ISP. Changing DNS is just a fix that works for most people (Plus, it is not recommended to use the default DNS that is provided by your ISP).


I don’t see my domain provider/ISP having issues loading other websites. Plus, the issue occurs on multiple devices, also over mobile data/different ISP, and day two of using “Cloudfare DNS” and the issue is back, what a surprise. Pretty sure it’s the site.

Remove the Cloudfare and go back to ISP, and it works again. ridiculous.

Anybody know if this issue ever resolves itself in time, or am I wasting my time on this site?

It should resolve itself within 72 hours, but it is the Internet, so it can break at any time.

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Yeah, I read that, but I’m on week 2 here, and it’s still drops daily. Has anyone that has had this issue previously seen the problem resolve itself?

Is it a Freenom domain?


No, http://whgl.42web.io/

Looks ok


It looks like your domain hasn’t fully propagated, as in some places, your domain is still resolving to BODIS. And it is a bit odd, it seems to me as if we have had an elevated case of bad DNS records here in the past 5 days or so.