Website wont load

I chose a custom domain and it worked on my Account. For the first day the domain worked. Next day i wanted to open my website with the domain but it didnt work. Can someone help me out?

Whats your website main ip address? (You can find it on your Client Area)

and what’s your website link? Thats the IP
Thats the Domain for the Website

Please refer to this announcement:

There’s currently an ongoing maintenance of migrating sites to the new servers with better hardware.

It seems that your domain name is not pointing to Infinityfree nameservers.

Change the nameservers to:

How long does it take Until they are done?

Point your domain first to infinityfree nameservers

Your current nameservers:

Must be pointed to

and wait for an hour to propagate your DNS/nameservers

How to point your domain to infinityfree nameservers


As far as I know, the migration process is already done on that IP.

The maintenance seems to have ended now actually sorry about that.

Check the replies from others above, your domain is currently not pointing to InfinityFree’s nameservers.

Thank you guys very much i just found the Problem, the Nameservers were wrong. But the problem is now i dont know if my SSL will work now

After your domain will work, Read this to learn how to get a SSL for FREE!

Okay thank you very much :smiley:

Yes, we’re glad to help, always comeback if you face some problem!

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