What is wrong my website is down


not working

the site loads perfectly can you screenshot what you see
this is what i see:

can you please say that this is even the correct site or that the domain is used by somebody else or on a other account


Same what i see. Your website is loading same result what you got.
Lil annoying happened.jz a comment, Your website maybe need fast internet to accessed to, because in first time loading it is not loading, seems like down. When refresh it loaded normally then.

The result conclusion. Your website is loading perfectly.

I captured from online tool because my primary cellphone is down (battery is broken) xD.

its not working from PERU (country) that where i am, and where is my costumers come from :frowning:
was working fine first week… and now… i lost one costumer when i trying to show him my portafolio

my gosh i have to load 3 times. till i get my website… why is that?

Try clearing cache (Chrome: 3 dots < Clear Browsing Data < Cached Images and Files). If it is still slow, I recommend trying out Cloudflare CDN as they have data centers in Lima, Peru which can help speed up your site in Peru. Here is a tutorial: A Full Guide To Cloudflare. But it could also be your internet connection as it loads fairly fast on my computer.


When you say it’s “not working” what do you see exactly? Do you see any error messages? Can you please give us more information to help figure this out?

It’s working for us from here. Maybe we can figure out why it’s not working for you, but since we can’t reproduce the issue on our end with the information you’ve provided, there is nothing we can do for you right now.


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