Website's server DNS Could not be found

I have been using this infinityhost as my web host provider. Mywebsite was working all fine but reently my site is not working on Smartphone devices and generates DNS could not be found error. Whereas on my Computer the website gets load but the CSS is missing. Only plain HTML page is seen.

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
This site can’t be reached. Website’s server DNS could not be found.
This is when i search website using Smartphone devices whereas on Computer , the website can be seen but without CSS. It is just plain HTML.

I’m using this software:
I am using firefox and chrome as a browser.

Additional information:
I have already checked the script. It looks all fine. Both HTML and CSS are linked and saved in htdocs.

Please read this topic, as it lets you know more about this and how to solve it:

I have already checked that. I dig it up and the output mentions [email protected] (Default):

You need to use this pre-configured DWI, overwriting with your domain and clicking on “Dig”, to see the nameservers you have set. Then follow the rest of the topic.

this is what is see.

Follow the rest of the topic, quoted by me:

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Okay. Have made changes to nameservers from epizy to
But still the error says “We can’t connect to the server at

I guess it takes time to update.

That’s right. You need to wait for at least 72 hours before you access the website again.

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