Website suspended due to fake number of hits

Error: Your account was suspended because you hit the Hits Limits. Learn more about this limit.

Your account will be reactivated automatically in 22 hours from nowon and details relevant to your question)

There is no way my website got 50000 hits in the day. It hasn’t even got 50. Please look into it.

Read carefully


My website is a basic three page wordpress website. It doesn’t even have any images yet. Yes, there are css and javascript. But, I haven’t even shared my website address with anyone yet. So, unless there are a thousand components in my website registering as a “hit”, there is no way my website got 50000 hits in a single day. I created this website on 5th September, and till yesterday there were practically zero hits. It
shows the same in the infinityfree daily hits graph. Yet, suddenly there is a spike of 50000 hits which is really not possible.

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It’s totally possible. It looks like your site may have been hit with a DDoS attack. Bots could also be contributing.


Hits means every crawl, reload etc. Laoanybhave reported of being DDOS’d.

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Is there any solution apart from purchasing premium subscription? Today also my site got suspended. Looks like I need to move it from here.

No theres not any solution. Cloudflare or other services can be bypassed sadly

Yes. Just remove the domain from the account, and don’t delete the account (This is help your visitors not experience downtime). Create a new account with the same domain, and add it to Cloudflare. Make sure you have all the records protected (Orange Cloud), and Under Attack mode turned on.

yes. Free hosting is a demo to test it and go to premium hosting

if you installed nulled thems/Plugin, remove them immediately.
and don’t use elementor for a long time.

My account is suspended too. I don’t know why, I can’t access it because the DB server was down since Thursday. I even can’t recover my files with ftp.

My website was reinstated few hours ago and now against it has been suspended despite applying cloudflare. Now, I am sure these infinityfree people are doing it on purpose to coerce subscriber to purchase premium services. I am moving my website from these third grade people.

Well, the website was reinstated during the night and by the time I woke up, infinityfree people had already suspended my account for “abuse”. So, now my account is stuck and my data is also stuck. The hosting people seem to be desparate to coerce me to purchase premium services but doing a pretty lousy job at that too.

That is not what is going on. Someone was/is attacking that was/is not InfinityFree. They are targeting InfinityFree because they were/are mad, etc.

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Well, if someone’s targeting infinityfree, then they must have been aware of it. If they were aware of it, then they should have taken steps to bolster their defense instead of suspending victim accounts for “abuse”. Someone like me would not be confident upon investing in a service where my website is not safe at even a basic level and the victim is treated like a culprit. I have now moved my site to another service.

I sent admin a message about this, he said thanks for informing

Actually, an automated system suspends for abuse. Open a ticket in the client area and explain what your site contained, and iFastNet will release it.

I really don’t think that is what they are doing. See @wackyblackie’s response.

How? One of the main ways to do that is to take thousands of websites down, many of which are not affected.

Also, please note that this is free and you are not paying anything. Additionally, no matter where, or who, you host with, your website can be attacked. And unless you buy a personal server, your provider will not do much about it besides suspend your site.

Best of luck. Please not that many free services run off the same pleat form as InfinityFree, you you may not be avoiding the problem.

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I completely understand why you do this. Of course you don’t want to upgrade to a provider that just suspended your site.

And that’s why we wouldn’t do something so obviously stupid as suspend your account for no reason other than to harass you into upgrading.

And when police found out that crime happened, they just put a stop to it and there was no more crime ever again.

Just knowing that bad things are happening doesn’t mean there is a straight forward way to change it.

The nasty thing about DDoS attacks is that it’s hard to distinguish from legitimate traffic. We really have no way to determine whether the traffic you got was legitimate or not. Or whether it was aimed at your site or our hosting. We can make guess, but we don’t know for sure, and we definitely can’t determine automatically.

Well, I posted a query on these forums regarding delayed response(Website loading snail paced) while opening my website in browser. That post had my website name in it. The very next day, my website was Ddosed. You can draw your own conclusions on whether the attacks have something to do with your forums or not. All the best for your endeavors.

They probably do. The attackers probably take domains that are here, find the IP address, and attack the server.

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