Website showing MyOwnFreeHost

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
MyOwnFreeHost Screen

“404: We Couldn’t find the site you where looking for”

I’m using this software: Wordpress,, safari browser

Additional information:

There is an issue on vol9_2, that corrupts on iFastNet’s end accounts. You can’t access FTP either. The only solution is to wait, or move your domain to another account with hosting volume different than vol9_2.

I’ve created an announcement topic about this issue, which I will keep up to date.

Now the site is blank (shows a white screen). It says the right think in the tab, and the ssl and redirect is working. But how do I fix the blank page?

This is related to a slow IP that loads your page with some retards. Try waiting a bit, try installing caching or try moving your website to another account which has different IP.
EDIT 9/06/2019 at 12:29 PM GMT+2: Your website loads in 10 seconds with the error “502 Bad Gateway” this time. Try doing the steps I said above.

Is there a way that I can move my domain, AND the wordpress data such as themes, pages, plugins, etc?

You can download the website with FileZilla, and export the database to a SQL file with phpMyAdmin to then import it and change the wp-config.php file with the new database name, username, password and SQL server. Then upload the files on the htdocs folder on the new account. To move the domain you need firstly to remove it from your account, then deactivate it. Create a new account with the same domain, access the Control Panel and click on “I Approve” to access the panel. Then do the steps above.

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