404 errors / Home Directory Not Available on vol9_1 and vol9_2

There appears to be a problem with all websites hosted on hosting volumes vol9_1 and vol9_2. The websites on these volumes are unreachable, and FTP (and, by extension, the file managers) are not available for these websites either.

What are the symptoms?

  • FTP shows: 421 Home directory not available - aborting
  • Website shows page saying: 404! We couldn't find that page.
  • MonstaFTP shows: Error! FTP authentication failed
  • Online File Manager shows: Unable to login to FTP server with username epiz_XXXXXXXX.

How do I know my account is affected?

You can see your Hosting Volume through your control panel.

  1. Login to the client area at https://app.infinityfree.net and click your account in the Accounts list.
  2. Click the Control Panel button.
  3. Check the Account Details panel in the sidebar on the right.
  4. Check the Hosting Volume row in that table.

Currently, the only affected volumes are vol9_1 and vol9_2. If the Hosting Volume field says anything other than either of those values, it means something else is going on. If so, please submit a new topic to the Hosting Support category (and fill in the topic template so we can help you effectively).

What caused this issue?

The servers running these websites and IP addresses got corrupted and needs to be rebuild. iFastNet staff is currently working to do so. When the server is rebuilt, your website data will be moved back to it, so no serious data loss is expected.

When will this issue be resolved?

I will update this section when I have received this information from iFastNet. According to iFastNet, this issue should be resolved later today.

EDIT: It looks like both everything has come back up since around 13:50 UTC today. That means the issue is resolved for now.

when it will be fixed?
my site is realy important for my sister. I made it to help her learn for medicine exam(exam is really hard).

Hi, My hosting volume is vol15_6 but I can’t see my website and connect the FTP server. Please check along with the problem that is happening now. Thank you.

I’m on Hosting Volume vol15_8
I can see my site, however when I go to the file manager I get this error: Error: could not read line from socket.
I can access FTP via FTP client though, so its probably not related. Thanks!

Just to repeat:

That means, create a NEW TOPIC. Don’t post in here with a statement saying your website is broken without any further information except for a hosting volume.

For many problems, hosting volumes don’t mean anything at all. They are not like servers. If they were servers, we would have called them servers.

Now, my website don’t show the 404 error and I already have access to the File Manager with all the files correct, but when I try to open the website, it don’t load and on the cPanel show up that I have 0 MB of disk used.
I presume that this is like that because someone is trying to solve the problem, but I would like to know exactly what’s happening.

It’s possible that the disk usage calculations were lost when the server was rebuilt. I’m not sure how big of a problem that is though, disk usage is not limited on your account anyways. Do you need these disk usage figures for anything?

That’s not the problem. The problem is that in the File Manager (Monsta FTP) the files of my website are uploaded, but the website isn’t yet accessible and don’t load.
Thanks for the answer.

Your website seems to be working fine from here now.

If you’re still having problems accessing your website, can you please submit a new topic in the Hosting Support category and describe the issue there?

Yes it’s working fine. Thanks for the help and the patience :smile:

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