Website seems to load slower using custom domain than InfinityFree subdomain

Hello, my website seems to load slower using custom domain than InfinityFree subdomain. My custom domain uses Cloudflare. I don’t have idea what’s exactly causing this issue, but I guess the Cloudflare server location is causing this issue. My location is actually far from the Cloudflare server (US) and iFastNet server (UK).

So, what’s actually causing this issue? Is my guessing correct? Thanks for your respond.

Username: epiz_28874977
Custom Domain Site:
InfinityFree Subdomain:

Try opening up developer tools in google chrome or ms edge. Check the “disable cache” box at the top and reload the page. Note the times at the bottom after the load is finished. Repeat for the other site and compare the metrics. You can also set “throttling” to “Fast 3G” to get constant results. I cannot test it now (Not on a PC), but I may be able to do it later.

The only difference I see is in the protocol (one is h2 and the other h3-29). Supposedly h2 is faster, but that dosen’t seam to be the case here.

Note: I could be completely wrong. I am going off the most noticeable difference. My answer may not be correct, just maybe something to look into more.

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If you see the first image of kygekteam: , you will see that cloudflare’s rocket loader is enabled, but not loaded, blocked.

According to cf

Rocket Loader prioritizes your website’s content (text, images, fonts etc) by deferring the loading of all of your JavaScript until after rendering. On pages with JavaScript, this results in a much faster loading experience for your users and improves the following performance metrics:

I am not sure, maybe this the other reason with http/3


Custom Domain still loads slower even though I’ve disabled HTTP/3 in Cloudflare and used a fresh Windows Sandbox.

Just test it in your browser and see the loading duration difference.

Well, you do make 4 more requests, and although there is less data, the process of requesting the file takes time. It still does seem a tad bit high, but don’t expect it to less or the same unless your remove or combine resources.

3 to be exact, and 3 of them are JS files for Cloudflare Beacon and Rocket Loader.

What? I though it said 16 not 15… Either I read it wrong or you changed something to mess with me :joy: I guess that what happens when you are debugging in IE (Stupid browser)

Ah, it is 4, I was right.

Custom Domain:


Turn off Browser Insights and check again (beacon.min.js ). Before performing new test purge cache and wait min. 30 sec


I used the new Edge browsers, which is based on Chromium.

So do I. I have to (Want to) test my site to make sure it works with non-standard browsers that people still use.

Done, but Custom Domain still loads slower.

Can you please tell me beacon.min.js script loaded or not.

It’s no longer loaded.

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Cloudflare is popular for it’s security and performance. In this case we can’t see a good result from cf.

Now I am thinking that maybe root domain’s server ip’s have so many connections or loaded and cf getting slow result from origin server. To check if it’s true or not you can ping both of your domain and sub domain’s ip

I pinged both my custom domain and InfinityFree subdomain:

You can see “request timed out” for the InfinityFree subdomain because of these policy:

The ip is from cf. it’s not your origin server ip.
Go to your client area

You can see your origin server ip, now ping your server ip’s


You can see it showed “Request timed out” error because of this (I think):

Also if you visit, you’ll see Error 403.

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Oops! I forgot it. Yeah! you’re absolutely right